October 2016:

My third box set entitled "Nature Laughs As Time Slips By" is scheduled for release in mid-late November. Please check the Dais website frequently as information will most likely be posted there first. The following is my press bio for this release:

My 3rd box set consists of instrumental works from the past and present. Although the music spans 25 years, the albums share a common bond in their exploration of Nature, memory and solitude. Apart from "The Park" and the original three tracks from the rare "Field Trip" cassette, the remainder of these recordings are previously unreleased.

"The Park" (issued on CD for the first time) is followed by "The Violet-Blue House". This sparse and shadowy album was inspired by an early song title I discovered in one of my old high school notebooks. I constructed many of the sounds by sampling and transforming fragments from the "Ice" master tapes. The last two tracks, 'Paper Hearts' and 'Moon Worship' are longer compositions, each exceeding 10 minutes.

The idea for "Rain Studies" has been on my mind for years. The music was mostly inspired by my observations of blurred figures and landscapes through wet glass on rainy days. On some of the tracks, I looped and transformed sounds from my late father's antique cylinder phonograph.

"Field Trip" was originally released as a limited edition cassette on the Period Tapes label in 2011. For this expanded CD edition, I've included nine additional tracks recorded during the original 1993-1994 sessions. The music explores my fascination with radio towers, windmills and other unique structures. The recordings are also inspired by my childhood recollections of school field trips, especially the views from bus windows and the strange atmospheres of museums and darkened auditoriums.

"Insect Wings Volume 2" compiles more unreleased works from my 1991-1994 archive. The first five tracks are early hints of what would lead to "Rain Studies" 20 years later. I've also included a very early sketch of 'Sinking Sun' which was later re-recorded for "Under The Shadows Of Trees".

One of the more humorous working titles for this box set was "Observations Of A Misanthropic Recluse". As far back as I remember, I have always felt the most inspired and at peace in the company of Nature. My strongest and most meaningful memories revolve around a park, a field, a quiet room or an empty beach. Wherever I've been or wherever I may go, I always seek out the hidden places. Places I often wish I could remain forever, far removed from a troubled world. - Tor Lundvall August 12, 2016

In other news, The Sol Invictus album "Death Of The West" has been reissued on vinyl for the first time. Four of my drawings from 1992-94 are featured inside the gatefold LP jacket, three of which are previously unpublished. The LP is available for purchase here. The 20th Anniversary Book Edition of "In The Rain" is also still available and includes 18 previously unpublished pieces of art I created for the album between 1993-95. There is a short presentation video here.

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