October 2015:

I've freshened up the Gallery with 20 recent works: Cedar Point Park In October #2 & #3, Wetlands At Sundown, Lavender Room, Pink Light, Light Rain #4-#6, What Death Unveils #1-#9, A Dark Place #1-#3.

A third box set is in the works. I will announce more details in the coming year.

"The Park" vinyl LP has sold out. Thanks to everyone who supported this release. Two insightful and in depth reviews have been posted at Teutonkhamat and Santa Sangre. I still have some test pressings available, so please get in touch if you are interested in obtaining one.

It's been a difficult year. Personal hardships aside, it seems that the world itself has changed in 2015 - a pivotal shift in eras so to speak. I feel increasingly out of touch with it. I continue to live in my own world, following my creative path as I always will. I wonder how many people are still in touch with Nature, art, music or anything beautiful and meaningful? When I think of all that has been lost with the passing of time - the great art and craftsmanship compared with the majority of what's out there today. The decline is a source of great sadness for me. Things have become too easy, too lazy, too soulless. I feel very much a product of a different era these days. Not a bad thing at all in this increasing madness.

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