July 2016:

I've freshened up the Gallery with 25 additional paintings from throughout the years: Listening #1, The Pathway, Murderer, Raven Eyes, Protection, The Season Unfolds (#1, #2, #3, #9, #10, #12 & #13), The Birth Of Love, Slipping Through, Humming Of The Night Insects, Far Away, End, Ice #1, Ice #2, The Park, 31, Recluse #1, Recluse #2, Smiling Moon #2, The Living Room.

My third box set entitled "Nature Laughs As Time Slips By" will be released on Dais Records this Autumn. This 5-CD set consists of instrumental recordings from the past and present, the majority of which are previously unreleased:

CD1: THE PARK (CD edition)

CD2: THE VIOLET-BLUE HOUSE (unreleased album recorded between January-February 2015)

CD3: RAIN STUDIES (unreleased album recorded between September 2014-March 2016)

CD4: FIELD TRIP (CD edition of the rare cassette released on the Period Tapes label in 2011. This expanded edition features nine additional tracks recorded during the original 1993-1994 sessions)

CD5: INSECT WINGS VOLUME 2 (second collection of archival ambient tracks recorded between 1991-1994)

I am not taking pre-orders at this time. Dais and I ask that you please have patience until further information is available.

Please send all correspondence to inquiries@torlundvall.com