October 2014:

The "Ibis / Quiet Seaside" 7" is available directly from the Dais Shop. Reviews have been posted at the following links: Santa Sangre, Secret Thirteen and Pitchfork. My next instrumental album entitled "The Park" will be released by Dais in 2015. I will post more details as soon as things move closer to production.

If anyone would like to transform their standard edition of "Structures and Solitude" into an art edition, I have one extra oil study available for sale. Please contact inquiries@torlundvall.com if you are interested in obtaining it. There is a recent review of the album "Night Studies" from the box set posted here.

I've freshened up the Gallery with 24 additional paintings from throughout the years, including several recent works: Girl #2, Self Portrait With Hat, Grey Sunday, Dark Angels, In Waiting, Goldenrod, The Game, Come With Us, Asleep, Under The Shadows Of Trees #3, The Hidden Forest, Summer Silence #2, Grey Light, Early Spring Woods #1-#3, Light Rain #1-#3, Walking Home, Field By The Sea, Approaching Storm #5, The Path Below, Into The Clearing.

Please send all correspondence to inquiries@torlundvall.com.