Mid February 2015:

"The Park" is now in the production stages and will soon be released by Dais Records on vinyl format. I will post more information about this LP and my other upcoming projects shortly.

I rarely post end-of-year lists and I'm a little late doing so, however here are some of my favorite releases from 2014, in no particular order - although Carl's beautiful solo album provided a window of comfort at the right time.

01. Carl Hultgren - "Tomorrow"
02. Asher Tuil - "Preludes" / "Prelude Studies"
03. Asher Tuil - "Miniatures" (Expanded Edition)
04. Asher Tuil - "Twenty-Four Views"
05. Kevin Drumm - "Shut In"
06. Kevin Drumm - "Trouble"
07. Kevin Drumm - "Wrong Intersection"
08. The Durutti Column - "Chronicle"
09. Daniel Lanois - "My Music For Billy Bob"
10. Roedelius - "Flieg Vogel Fliege" (Reissue)

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