June 2015:

In loving memory of my father, Bruce G. Lundvall (1935-2015) who inspired and nurtured my imagination, sense of humor, art and music. His love of life and eternal optimism are beacons which guide me through the dark places I sometimes pass through.

"The Park" will be released by Dais Records on June 9th. This album will be released on vinyl format and comes with a free mp3 download coupon. For more details, please download the press release by clicking here. I only have a handful of copies to sell directly. Most of my pre-orders are already filled, however please get in touch if you are interested in obtaining a signed copy.

Prophecy Productions have released the 20th anniversary book edition of the Sol Invictus album "In The Rain". In addition to the artwork featured on previous CD/LP editions, this special collector’s edition features 18 previously unpublished pieces of art I created for the album between 1993-95. I have also contributed a foreward where I shed some light on the history behind the artwork.

I've posted a short video on YouTube documenting the evolution of my painting "Forewarning". I occasionally photograph the early stages of my work, but this was the first (and only time) I've documented the progression of a painting from start to finish. The video provides a glimpse into my creative process. Please click here to view the video.

Please send all correspondence to inquiries@torlundvall.com