January 2016:

I've been busy preparing the music and artwork for my third box set which is scheduled for release later this year. This 5-CD set will feature mostly unreleased material from the past and present. The CD edition of "The Park" will also be included. More details to follow shortly.

I've added a few more paintings to the Gallery: November Trees, Overlook, November Walk, Twilight Glow, Quiet Room #1-#3.

"The Park" came in at #17 on Sounds Of A Tired City's Best 50 Albums Of 2015 and was Edward Rinderle’s #1 release for 2015 on Heathen Harvest's "Best Of 2015 - Best Of The Quinquennium". A short interview for Santa Sangre's "2015 Through My Eyes" series is posted here.

Below are some of my favorite releases from 2015 (in no particular order). It was wonderful discovering the music of Benoît Pioulard (aka: Tom Meluch) last year. Tom's beautiful and inventive album "Sonnet" hit me like a breath of fresh air after the long and frigid winter of 2015:

01. Benoît Pioulard "Sonnet"
02. Benoît Pioulard "Stanza / Stanza II" (Cassette)
03. Asher Tuil "Evenfalls"
04. Kevin Drumm "Mithering The Skiving Gorm"
05. Windy & Carl "4-Song Mini LP"
06. William Basinski "Cascade"
07. Flying Saucer Attack "Instrumentals 2015"
08. Taylor Deupree & Marcus Fischer "Twine"
09. Roedelius "Tape Archive 1973-1978" (Box Set)
10. The Durutti Column "Another Setting" (FBN Reissue)

Rest in Peace, David Bowie.

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