August 2015:

In loving memory of my father, Bruce G. Lundvall (1935-2015) who inspired and nurtured my imagination, sense of humor, art and music. His love of life and eternal optimism are beacons which guide me through the dark places I sometimes pass through.

"The Park" vinyl LP is now sold out. Thanks to everyone who supported this release. Two insightful and in depth reviews have been posted at Teutonkhamat and Santa Sangre. I still have some test pressings available, so please get in touch if you are interested in obtaining one. Each test pressing is housed in an original sleeve (with insert) and will be signed on the vinyl label. I hope to release the CD edition of "The Park" as part of my forthcoming third box set, scheduled for release on Dais in 2016.

Prophecy Productions have released the 20th anniversary book edition of the Sol Invictus album "In The Rain". In addition to the artwork featured on previous CD/LP editions, this special collector’s edition features 18 previously unpublished pieces of art I created for the album between 1993-95. I have also contributed a foreward where I shed some light on the history behind the artwork.

I've posted a short video on YouTube documenting the evolution of my painting "Forewarning". I occasionally photograph the early stages of my work, but this was the first (and only time) I've documented the progression of a painting from start to finish. The video provides a glimpse into my creative process. Please click here to view the video.

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